greetings good people, from a freezing cold  windy eastern cape. yes, here at the bird seed factory, we have been been active, but doing it quietly. we have moved our factory and we think we might have to move again due to space constraints. we also had an exploding computer that cost us our data base and all our information. talk about being thrown in at the deep end.

our range is as popular as ever and we thank all our loyal customers who continue to support us. we continually experiment with new ideas, new sizes and new products for the range. and  we have sorted out our problem with why we have breakages during postage ( she said with a sigh of relief…)and our seed bells are now travelling better packaged and arriving unbroken. it was very embarassing to have so many breakages. however we learn from our mistakes and attempt to improve. actually we don’t attempt, we do better.

currently in the range are the large all seed seed bells, mixed seed bells with nuts and other yummie bird like to eat things. small seed bells for the canaries and other little poor caged birds so they also don’t lose out on a treat or two.

in line with  re-cycling depot and my commitment to keeping plastics and other toxins out of the landfills, we have recently perfected a fabulous bird feeder for loose seed that is made from 2.0L plastic bottles – we have also developed a sugar water feeder that incorporates both a glass bottle and a plastic bottle ( quite clever actually) – pictures will be posted within a few days.

for now chaps, have a fabulous week-end and do something special on womans day on monday…

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